Westin proudly presents the latest design and technological advancements to provide cutting-edge performance that can't be found anywhere else. The products are designed for the most demanding anglers who know the importance of quality and reliability.


Predator lures

Predator fishing with Westin lures is the same as fishing with other lures. Except with more fish! When Ingvar Westin was a boy, his father taught him to make special lures by hand that swam with a seductive roll. When Ingvar grew up, he produced those same lures commercially, in more and more styles - and they’ve dominated the decades since then. The range has grown massively over the years, with a Westin tool for all kinds of predators in every fishing situation. Every single one of them goes back to the original concept in Ingvar Westin’s mind when he created the first lure all those years ago:  they have the irresistible “Westin roll” that hooks big predators when everything else fails…

Sea lures

The hard-to-please Scandinavian sea anglers swear by them. Big cod and halibut are enchanted and entrapped by them. Westin seafishing lures are to fish what the song of the siren was to the ancient sailors – guaranteed to lure them to their downfall. Every new product is field-tested by both our Westin test team and by a panel of professional sea fishing guides. If it doesn’t catch, it doesn’t come out of the box a second time. But those that do – hoo boy! Fish after fish after unbelievable fish - huge Atlantic halibut, submarine-sized cod and other record-breaking denizens of the North Sea -get taken in by the lifelike jiggle and wiggle of a Westin lure. The range of Westin Sea Fishing rigs and lures have proven deadly to the biggest species in the waters around Scandinavia. They represent the very latest in fish-fooling technology you won’t need anything else to get a lot of heavy-duty action out there on the ocean.

Spin lures

Famous all over Scandinavia for being among the most seductive, tantalising fish catchers that ever swam, Westin lures are also unparalleled in quality. Our design and development department hate the thought of spooking or losing any big fish due to cracking paint, poor hooks or corroded split rings. So they make sure every single Westin lures gets the toughest varnish, the most durable UV-coating and the very finest quality hooks and stainless steel split rings. What’s more, we work closely with some of the most skilled lure designers around. Guys who’ve spent thousands of hours by the water trying to perfect a tool to achieve the one thing that makes them happy – catching humungous-sized fish. Now all the knowledge they’ve accumulated is available to you. You can take all those hours, days and years of testing, failing and finally succeeding – trying to find the perfect, irresistible deception for trout, char, salmon and Seabass - and simply tie them on the end of your line! Just choose a lure to match the conditions from our range of great models and colours and off you go!


Clothing and headwear

If you’re not dressed for the occasion your fishing skills won’t help you. When it comes to catching big fish our pro consultants and test team members are extremely competitive. They know that staying warm and dry, and having the right gear available is essential if they want to stay focused and catch more fish. Whether you need some shade from the burning sun or a little heat during the colder months while fishing, Westin will keep you covered. The range of Westin Clothing & Caps are designed to face all sorts of conditions to keep your big fish ambitions high and dry when the going gets though.

Flotation suits

Safety and comfort are the keywords describing our Westin range of flotation suits for anglers. In example our flotation suits are regarded as standard equipment at some of the leading sea fishing camps in Scandinavia, simply because our suits are designed to meet the demands of the Scandinavian angler as well as the unpredictable Scandinavian weather. This includes keeping you warm and dry no matter if the rain is pouring or heavy winds are blowing. In case of an accident all products in the Westin flotation suits range are unique buoyancy aids tested by various demanding international standards, and you can be sure our designers have done their very best to keep your safety as their first priority.

Bags and accessories

A good fisherman is nothing without good accessories. Keeping everything organized, dry and ready is essential out on the water or by the riverside. The Westin selection of bags and accessories features the best performing and durable materials in a design that not only looks great but also puts attention into all those small details that makes a difference once you’re out there. The small things add up to make the big things and Westin have the accessories to improve your fishing. Whether its nets, rod-covers, bags, weigh slings or other stuff, we have a wealth of high-quality accessories available at your disposal.


Westin tools are made from premium quality materials that are designed to stand the test of time. No matter if it is split ring pliers or a pair of scissors our design focus has remained the same - function and durability. These tools are designed for the most demanding anglers who know the importance of quality and reliability.


If you are looking for one of the strongest and most durable tackle boxes ever seen in fishing then look no further! The W6 Lure Vaults are designed to stand the test of time. Stay organised with the included inserts, suitable for both soft and hard lures. Customise the boxes just the way you want them by arranging the inserts. If you want to use bigger lures up to 30cm simply remove the inserts and use the box as your “Game” box. Find your lures fast, thanks to the crystal clear lids that are made from impact-resistant Polycarbonate. The U-profiles inside the lid keep the contents 100% in place during transport. The base is made of highest quality Polypropylene and every box is fitted with sliding locks, a carry handle and highly durable hinges made of high-quality plastic.


Westin Eyewear are a series of high-quality sunglasses that are designed specifically for sport fishing but are equally suitable for other activities. A series of sunglasses that are both light and comfortable at an affordable price. Most of the models have a frame made of Rilsan® Clear Rnew® which consists of 45% bio-based material; making use of natural renewable resources (derived from castor oil) and does not grow at the expense of food crops and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions. The glasses have a polycarbonate polarized lens with Japanese polarized film with anti-seawater coating on both sides. The lenses have anti-reflective coating on the inside; filter category 3 (high protection against sunlight), lens category 3 and UV400. There is also a model that floats if you happen to drop your glasses in the water.


You might be wondering why Westin produce braids with several different specifications. Here you can read about the differences in the construction of our braided lines, and the pros and cons of each. Use this guide to help choose the right line for your style of fishing. All Westin braids are made from Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene (UHMPE) fibres, one of the strongest materials for its diameter available. The difference between how we use this material lies in the very specific selection of the number of carriers (strands) of fibres that make up the braid, and the pic count. The biggest difference in construction between the Westin lines is the number of carriers that make up the braid. The higher the number of carriers the rounder the profile of the braid and the finer the diameter, increasing its performance. A line with a large number of carriers is more complex to braid and must be manufactured much more slowly, hence the higher cost of these lines. If casting distance, feel, and low drag are essential characteristics in your fishing then a braid with a high number of carriers will bring performance benefits. Not quite as important as the number of carriers, but still influencing performance, is the pic count (per inch crosses) of the braid. This refers to the number of weaves per length of line. A high pic count gives a higher knot strength, greater abrasion resistance and a rounder profile. The trade-off is a slightly thicker line with less linear strength compared to a line with a lower pic count. Creating a high pic count line is more expensive because of the slower speed and greater complexity of the braiding process. The Westin W10 and W6 braids have the highest possible pic count for a 12+1-carrier and an 8-carrier line respectively. The W10 has a pic count of 56 and the W6 a pic count of 36.