Westin is the leading manufacturer of contemporary fishing tackle in terms of design and technology. With a relentless commitment to innovation, Westin delivers cutting-edge performance that sets an unparalleled benchmark. These products are meticulously crafted, bearing testament to the brand's unwavering pursuit of excellence. Catering exclusively to the most demanding anglers, Westin understands the critical role that quality and reliability play in their pursuits. It's a partnership that we not only acknowledges but cherishes, with every design element and technological enhancement a testament to this shared dedication.


Freshwater lures

Westin, a brand synonymous with unparalleled effectiveness. Rooted in the legacy of the late Ingvar Westin, who imparted the art of crafting lures with an enticing roll -the Westin-roll. Westin has transitioned these handmade gems into a commercial success, expanding their repertoire to cater to an array of predator species and fishing scenarios. Over the years, the Westin range has significantly diversified, offering a comprehensive toolkit for every fishing enthusiast. Many creations remains true to Ingvar Westin's original vision, characterized by the irresistible "Westin roll" – a feature that consistently entices and captures sizable predators when all else falls short.

Saltwater lures

Westin saltwater lures are respected by determining sea anglers around the globe. They possess an enchanting attraction, much like the sirens of old, reliably attracting and captivating big cod and halibut. Every new product undergoes rigorous field testing by our Westin team. The lifelike Westin lures consistently reel in one impressive fish after another. Westin's Sea Fishing rigs and lures have proven their efficacy in the salty waters, ensuring a heavyweight angling experience on the open ocean.


Introducing the Westin Terminal Tackle Range, a comprehensive collection of high-quality terminal tackle essentials. Crafted with precision and innovation, this range includes a variety of lead and tungsten weights and jigheads, swivels, rings, wire, leaders, and hooks. Each component is designed to enhance your angling experience, offering exceptional strength, durability, and performance. Whether you are targeting freshwater or saltwater species the Westin ADD-IT® Terminal Tackle Range provides the reliability and versatility you need for successful fishing trips. Upgrade your tackle box with our trusted selection and enjoy the confidence that comes with using top-notch terminal tackle.


The Westin tackle boxes are essential companions for anglers of all expertise levels, guaranteeing an organized and efficient fishing adventure. All boxes in our versatile ranges serve as a secure sanctuary for a wide range of fishing gear, including lures, hooks, lines, and accessories. Meticulously crafted from robust materials, Westin tackle boxes are engineered to endure the challenges of the rugged outdoors, ensuring the safety of your valuable equipment against the elements. Our thoughtful designed compartments, provide an optimal solution for systematic storage, allowing quick and easy access to the right tools when needed. Available in various sizes and styles, Westin tackle boxes cater to different preferences and requirements, ensuring you're well-prepared for any fishing environment.


Check out our latest line-up of baitcasting reels, the ultimate choice for dedicated anglers. With sizes ranging from 50, all the way up to 300, these reels are built to handle a wide range of predator fishing techniques. Whether you are into tossing lightweight lures, like softbaits, or you're all about handling the big guns such as big soft lures and jerkbaits, these reels have got you covered. We've put in the work to make these reels tough and dependable. They feature solid one-piece aluminum frames that guarantee consistent performance. Designed to take on a bunch of predator species – from pike and bass to zander, perch, and even trout – these reels are ready for any challenge. Stacked with cool features, like a special spooling system, Line View, an Internal Centrifugal Brake (ICB), and well-calibrated gear ratios, these reels make sure you are getting silky-smooth performance every time. Each model is also available in a range of gear ratios, allowing you to pick the perfect reel for your fishing style. Get ready to dive into a world of power, versatility, and style with these baitcasting reels. They're not just meeting expectations – they're blowing them out of the water. This line-up sets new standards by bringing together awesome performance and innovative features that totally shake up what baitcasting reels can do.


Westin's braids are exclusively crafted from Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene (UHMPE) fibers, renowned for their exceptional strength relative to their diameter. What sets our approach apart is our meticulous choice of the number of carriers (strands) that compose the braid, as well as the pic count. The primary distinction in crafting Westin lines lies in the quantity of carriers that form the braid. A higher number of carriers results in a braid with a rounder profile and a finer diameter, ultimately enhancing its performance. If achieving extended casting distances, heightened sensitivity, and reduced drag are critical attributes for your angling pursuits, a braid with an increased number of carriers will deliver substantial performance advantages.


Clothing and headwear

If you’re not dressed for the occasion, even your exceptional fishing skills won't be enough. Our team of professional consultants and seasoned testers takes their pursuit of big fish very seriously. They understand that maintaining comfort, staying dry, and having the right equipment at their disposal is vital to remain focused and increase their catch. Whether you're seeking shelter from scorching sunrays or warmth during chilly fishing expeditions, Westin has got you covered. The Westin Clothing & Headwear line is crafted to tackle a wide range of conditions, ensuring your ambitions of landing substantial fish remain unwavering even in challenging situations.

Flotation suits

Safety and comfort are paramount in our Westin range of flotation suits designed for anglers. These suits have become a standard necessity at leading sea fishing camps around the globe. They are tailored to meet the needs of anglers and the unpredictable weather on the water. Whether it's pouring rain or strong winds, these suits will keep you warm and dry. Importantly, all products in the Westin flotation suits line are unique buoyancy aids rigorously tested against demanding international standards. Rest assured, our designers prioritize your safety above all else.

Technical clothing

Westin Technical Clothing, where style meets performance. Our innovative collection seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with modern design, ensuring you stay ahead in both fashion and function. Experience the perfect fusion of comfort and versatility with Westin Technical Clothing. Whether you're conquering the great outdoors or navigating urban landscapes, our garments are engineered to adapt to your every move.

Bags and accessories

Effective gear storage and luggage are essential for any angler. Staying organized, keeping your equipment dry, and having everything readily accessible are crucial whether you're on the water or along the riverside. Westin offers a range of bags and accessories crafted from high-performance, durable materials. Our design not only has a stylish appearance but also pays attention to the meticulous details that can make a significant difference during your fishing trips. It's these small elements that collectively enhance your fishing experience. Westin also provides a wide selection of top-quality accessories, including nets, rod covers, bags, weigh slings, and more, all at your fingertips.


Westin tools are crafted from top-notch materials built to endure over time. Whether it's split ring pliers or a simple pair of scissors, our unwavering design principle centers on functionality and longevity. These tools cater to the needs of the most discerning anglers who truly value quality and trustworthiness.


Westin Eyewear represents a premium collection of sunglasses tailor-made for sport fishing while remaining versatile for various outdoor activities. These sunglasses are not only affordable but also exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. Most models feature frames constructed from Rilsan® Clear Rnew®, incorporating 45% bio-based material sourced from natural, renewable resources like castor oil. This eco-friendly approach minimizes the impact on food crops and contributes to lower CO2 emissions. The lenses of Westin Eyewear are constructed from polycarbonate with a polarized film from Japan, equipped with anti-seawater coating on both sides. They also boast an anti-reflective inner coating, fall under filter category 3 (providing high protection against sunlight), lens category 3, and UV400 protection. For added convenience, there's even a floating model, ensuring your sunglasses stay afloat if they accidentally take a dip in the water.


The Westin Escape Cam is the world's smallest and lightest underwater fishing camera! Capture stunning videos of your underwater adventures and effortlessly share them from boat or bank. Weighing in at only 40 g. it is easy to carry and cast. It is super shock proof, and waterproof down to 200 m. With the included add-ons you can adapt the camera to various lures and fishing techniques. Despite its size, it delivers high-quality videos at up to 60 fps, thanks to underwater Auto White Balance. Catch more fish by understanding how they move, feed, and strike the lure.


The Westin Put & Take Fishing range. Specifically made for anglers who seek instant fishing gratification, these carefully selected lures, rods and accessories are perfect for stocked or put-and-take fishing environments. Our gear ensures an efficient and enjoyable fishing experience, whether you're a novice or seasoned enthusiast.

Put & Take lures and terminal tackle

The specialized collection of Westin Put & Take gear ensures an arsenal of irresistible lures and high-quality terminal tackle. These carefully curated lures are designed to attract and entice fish in stocked waters, providing an edge for both beginners and seasoned anglers. From vibrant, lifelike lures to durable terminal tackle essentials, our assortment guarantees optimal performance in any fishing scenario.

Put & Take bags

Embark on your Put & Take fishing journey with unparalleled convenience using Westins specialized collection of Put & Take Bags. These purpose-built bags are meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of put-and-take fishing. Choose reliability, choose efficiency – choose Westin Put & Take Specialty Bags for a hassle-free fishing experience.