Freshwater Lures

Westin, a brand synonymous with unparalleled effectiveness. Rooted in the legacy of the late Ingvar Westin, who imparted the art of crafting lures with an enticing roll -the Westin-roll. Westin has transitioned these handmade gems into a commercial success, expanding their repertoire to cater to an array of predator species and fishing scenarios. Over the years, the Westin range has significantly diversified, offering a comprehensive toolkit for every fishing enthusiast. Many creations remains true to Ingvar Westin's original vision, characterized by the irresistible "Westin roll" – a feature that consistently entices and captures sizable predators when all else falls short.

Saltwater Lures

Westin seafishing lures are respected by determining sea anglers around the globe. They possess an enchanting attraction, much like the sirens of old, reliably attracting and captivating big cod and halibut. Every new product undergoes rigorous field testing by our Westin test. The lifelike Westin lures consistently reel in one impressive fish after another. Westin's Sea Fishing rigs and lures, equipped with cutting-edge fish-enticing technology, have proven their efficacy in the salty waters, ensuring a heavyweight angling experience on the open ocean.

Put & Take Lures

The specialized collection of Westin Put & Take gear ensures an arsenal of irresistible lures and high-quality terminal tackle. These carefully curated lures are designed to attract and entice fish in stocked waters, providing an edge for both beginners and seasoned anglers. From vibrant, lifelike lures to durable terminal tackle essentials, our assortment guarantees optimal performance in any fishing scenario.

Terminal Tackle

Introducing the Westin Terminal Tackle Range, a comprehensive collection of high-quality terminal tackle essentials. Crafted with precision and innovation, this range includes a variety of lead and tungsten weights and jigheads, swivels, rings, wire, leaders, and hooks. Each component is designed to enhance your angling experience, offering exceptional strength, durability, and performance. Whether you are targeting freshwater or saltwater species the Westin ADD-IT® Terminal Tackle Range provides the reliability and versatility you need for successful fishing trips. Upgrade your tackle box with our trusted selection and enjoy the confidence that comes with using top-notch terminal tackle.