Veronika Machová
Veronika Machová

Veronika Machová lives in Kladno, Czech Republic and she works as an operator in Lego factory. She started fishing with her grandfather, but in a quite strange way. Her grandfather had asked Veronika if she could take him to Prague to renew his fishing license. She then also bought one licence for herself, so that she could go fishing with him. She fell in love with fishing quickly. Unfortunately her grandfather passed away a year later, but she decided to follow in his footsteps and keep fishing for him as well.
Her favourite fishing technique is lure fishing, but she also likes carp fishing. Her favourite river is Labe, where she managed to catch several big fish. She also likes Berounka river, where she spent most of the childhood with her grandparents. Fishing has changed her life and she is so grateful for that.

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