Freshwater Rods

At Westin, simplicity reigns supreme. We craft rods tailored for freshwater anglers who demand the utmost in quality. This unwavering commitment to excellence eliminates the need for compromises. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in carbon and resin behavior, along with years of hands-on experience in rod design, actions, and real fishing escapades, we've created a collection of rods that stands among the finest in the industry. To this, we've added the best fittings available. When you choose a Westin rod, you're embracing cutting-edge technologies, materials, and fittings. Fuji guides and reel seats, emblematic of Japanese quality, grace every Westin rod, while our Torayca® carbon fibers, meticulously selected by our demanding rod engineers, underscore our dedication to luxury and enduring performance. If you seek a rod that offers that extra edge, look no further than Westin – where quality, innovation, and performance converge.

Saltwater Rods

In the realm of saltwater rods, Westin stands as a testament to luxury that transcends expectation. It's not just about having the best; it's about possessing a tool designed to endure and excel – a fundamental necessity for any angler. If you identify as a dedicated saltwater fisherman, owning a Westin rod isn't a choice; it's an essential part of your gear, embodying the pinnacle of performance and durability for your saltwater pursuits. Elevate your sea fishing experience; make Westin an indispensable part of your journey.

Put & Take Rods

Unleash the thrill of Put & Take fishing with our cutting-edge Put & Take Rods. Engineered for performance and sensitivity, our rod collection is tailored to the unique demands of stocked or put-and-take fishing environments. Choose a Westin Put & Take Rod and embrace a new level of performance on the water.

Torayca® carbon fibers by Toray® - the very best carbon manifacturer!

We use Torayca® carbon, the leading Japanese manufacturer of high-performance carbon, in many of our rods. As Torayca® remains an industry benchmark and a trusted brand, we are now proudly highlighting that our rods are crafted with carbon from this top manufacturer. Torayca® is a global Japanese company known for exceptional performance, quality, and consistent processing.

Fuji – lighter and stronger

Fuji's cutting-edge rod components, such as guides and reel seats, are renowned for their superior design and quality. Their latest guides are engineered to prevent tangles and reduce friction, enhancing performance with modern braided lines. Fuji's reel seats set the industry standard, offering comfort, remarkable strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional design. Westin rods proudly feature Fuji components.