Westin Eyewear represents a premium collection of sunglasses tailor-made for sport fishing while remaining versatile for various outdoor activities. These sunglasses are not only affordable but also exceptionally lightweight and comfortable. Most models feature frames constructed from Rilsan® Clear Rnew®, incorporating 45% bio-based material sourced from natural, renewable resources like castor oil. This eco-friendly approach minimizes the impact on food crops and contributes to lower CO2 emissions. The lenses of Westin Eyewear are constructed from polycarbonate with a polarized film from Japan, equipped with anti-seawater coating on both sides. They also boast an anti-reflective inner coating, fall under filter category 3 (providing high protection against sunlight), lens category 3, and UV400 protection. For added convenience, there's even a floating model, ensuring your sunglasses stay afloat if they accidentally take a dip in the water.