W10 Rods

The Westin W10 series represents a pinnacle in angling innovation, harnessing the very latest in design and technology to deliver unparalleled performance. Each blank undergoes a meticulous handcrafting process, featuring the revolutionary X5 carbon layer technology. This, in combination with a 4-axial woven carbon reinforcement on the outer layer, guarantees an exceptional blend of action, sensitivity, and strength. Every W10 rod is constructed with premium Torayca® carbon fibers, ensuring a level of quality that's truly exceptional. Furthermore, the inclusion of top-of-the-line Fuji® fittings, widely recognized as the best available on the market, underscores the commitment to excellence. The Westin W10 series is a testament to the brand's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the angling world. These rods offer anglers a unique opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology, unmatched sensitivity, and the strength needed to tackle the most demanding fishing scenarios, setting a new standard for performance in the world of angling.

W6 Rods

The W6 rod range is tailored for anglers with an unwavering commitment to top quality. Every W6 rod proudly features Fuji® guides and reel seats, ensuring no compromise. The blanks, crafted from the exceptional Torayca® carbon fibers, are a testament to our rigorous standards. Out of the numerous options considered, only a select few met the exacting demands of our skilled rod engineers, reinforcing our dedication to precision and performance. Anglers who seek the finest experience in their pursuits can trust the W6 series to deliver unmatched quality, thanks to the incorporation of Fuji® components and the utilization of Torayca® carbon fibers, creating a rod that exemplifies the pinnacle of angling craftsmanship.

W4 Rods

The W4 2nd generation rod range builds upon the beloved Westin Dynamic Series, taking it to new heights. These rods offer a surplus of power for both casting and battling fish, providing the necessary muscle. At the same time the W4 series blends precision with an exquisite finesse, delivering a versatile angling experience that caters to both the strength needed for casting and the delicate touch necessary for difficult presentations.

W3 Rods

The Westin W3 Rods are all about precision in specialized fishing. These rods are engineered with high-quality Torayca® carbon blanks, ensuring exceptional performance. Each rod is equipped with Fuji fittings, a hallmark of heigh-end fishing gear, and features a dedicated designs needed for specialized fishing. With a focus on delivering the utmost in quality and function.

W2 Rods

Westin's W2 Rods offer exceptional value for specialized fishing. Crafted with high-quality carbon blanks, these rods provide great performance at an affordable price. Featuring Sea Guide fittings and smart design, they strike a balance between quality and affordability, making them ideal for budget-conscious anglers seeking top-notch gear.

Torayca® carbon fibers by Toray® - the very best carbon manufacturer!

We use Torayca® carbon, the leading Japanese manufacturer of high-performance carbon, in many of our rods. As Torayca® remains an industry benchmark and a trusted brand, we are now proudly highlighting that our rods are crafted with carbon from this top manufacturer. Torayca® is a global Japanese company known for exceptional performance, quality, and consistent processing.

Fuji – lighter and stronger

Fuji's cutting-edge rod components, such as guides and reel seats, are renowned for their superior design and quality. Their latest guides are engineered to prevent tangles and reduce friction, enhancing performance with modern braided lines. Fuji's reel seats set the industry standard, offering comfort, remarkable strength, corrosion resistance, and exceptional design. Westin rods proudly feature Fuji components.