Sea Rods

We’ve lived and breathed rod designs and actions since as long as we can remember. We’ve lived and breathed sea fishing. And we’ve even lived and breathed carbon and resin behaviour (a little sad? Well, whatever it takes to get more fun out of our fishing…). So we worked with the very best to create rods we’d love to use ourselves. We scoured the earth for the very finest fittings and settled on Fuji – widely acknowledged to be the best in the world. And after years of searching for the perfect carbon fibres, we finally found Torayca® by Toray® - one of the few that met the scrupulous demands of our rod engineers. You may think that having the best is a luxury. But when that luxury is built to last and perform like a Westin rod, it becomes one of your most basic needs. If you call yourself a sea fisherman, you can’t not own one…

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