Add-It Willow Screw
Item number: T36
  • The Add-It Willow Screw is made from the finest materials to spice-up any soft lure. Simply Add-It to your favorite soft lure as an extra attractor, boosting the bite-me signal and vibration of any lure. We recommend placing it on the belly of the lure but hey, feel free to mix it up!

    • Custom-made Westin blade
    • Screw-in Stainless steel wire
    • Ball Bearing swivel for optimized rotation

    Small - 2 pcs. | Medium - 2 pcs. | Large - 2 pcs.

  • Product Add-It Willow Screw
    Size Small, Large, Medium
    Color Chartreuse Yellow, Fluo. Orange, Gold, Silver
    Pcs. 2 pcs.