Erik Axner
Erik Axner

As a fishing guide and tour leader for Nordic Sea Angling, Erik Axner has built up his experience to a very high-level regarding sea fishing in Norway for halibut, cods, coalfish and all different kind of deep-sea fish that exists up there. He also has a strong passion for topwater fishing for Giant Trevally, tunas, snappers and much more which he regularly travels around the world among both friends and clients in the pursuit for.

His long career as a fishing guide has given him more days on the water than most people manage to collect during a lifetime and that really pays off as both himself or his clients catch big fish of many kinds of species on a regular basis, especially when it comes to large size “barn doors”, with a more common name, Atlantic halibuts.

When he is not guiding in Norway or is out on a fishing expedition somewhere in the world, he spends most of his free time fishing for pike, zander and sea trout in the south of Sweden where he lives in between his journeys. He really dedicated his life for fishing and has made himself a name in the “business”. He is not only a good fisherman but also a skilled photographer.

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