Amir Rastkerdar
Amir Rastkerdar

Amir Rastkerdar started fishing at a very young age. He spent most of my childhood fishing along his father side. As he expanded his experience and knowledge, he gained an appetite for chasing seatrout along the rugged and beautiful Swedish coastline. Hunting seatrout is a never-ending learning process, but the thrill of fighting a seatrout at the end of the line is a magical experience that draws him to the sea over and over again.

During the off-season, he turns his attention to other predators, like the perch or pike. Fishing for perch requires that he utilize different fishing methods and techniques. Fishing has allowed him to experience nature in an intimate manner, using all his senses. It has made him humble and respectful of nature. He truly cherishes his time on the water.
“All though Westin Fishing assortment is so wide there is always something for every angler. Therefore, I’m grateful to represent Westin.”

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