Tomaž Tramte
Tomaž Tramte

Tomaž Tramte comes from the valley of the Krka river, so it’s not surprising that most of his fishing is done in the stunning surroundings of the southern part of Slovenia. His father, also a fisherman, put a rod and reel in his hands when he was as young as 10 years old. The Krka river is famous for big Slovenian pike, so it was only natural for him to develop a love for the sport and a keen angling ability in 20 years of fishing.
He is one of the first Slovenian Westin Fishing Pro Team members, and helps the brand to develop on Slovenian soil almost from the start. He absolutely loves Westin soft lures, Ricky The Roach beeing his favorite, maybe because the first “Westin” 1 meter + pike was caught with the help of Ricky.

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