Andrew Gault
Andrew Gault

Andrew Gault is from the coarse fishing capital of Ireland, Co. Fermanagh. He was born in a place called Enniskillen where there is no shortage for places to lose yourself in its natural beauty when fishing on rivers and lakes. From the very early age of 4, his grandfather and father had him out fishing. When reflecting back on that period of time, it was an amazing experience. Both of them have passed on their experience onto him. He has had numerous big trout, pike and perch from rivers, loughs, and lakes around Fermanagh. 
He now has 4 beautiful children of his own and can now spend his time passing on his knowledge to them as they will be the future of this sport. For a number of years, he has worked in a fishing shop which was excellent. That’s where he learned about everything related to tackle and clothing and all modern aspects of the sport. 

After a short while he gave up on that, as his true calling was to start own guiding service, on the vast and beautiful lough Erne, which is brilliant as he gets to spend a lot of time doing what he loves. He meets new people on a weekly basis, and he is always learning new methods. Every day is a school day for us anglers. he really enjoys targeting pike, perch and trout. His main passion is most definitely pike. He also spends quite a lot of time every year fishing in the beautiful Slovenia, where they absolutely love their fishing too.

He is truly humbled to be a member of the Westin team and he always try his very best to help promote the products, and show people we are one of, if not the best brand on the market. 

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