Christian Jaeger
Christian Jaeger

Christian Jaeger is born in 1982 and raised in the Ruhr area. He can look back on a long-standing passion for fishing. When he was about 9 years old, he was given an old GDR-era fishing rod by his neighbor, which he tried out for the first time during a family holiday in Denmark. His first catch was a dab, together with his brother. Since then, he has been hooked on fishing and for many years now he has been fishing for the local predatory fish pike, perch and zander with great passion and using a wide variety of techniques. Initially on the canals of the Ruhr region and later, with his first car, throughout Germany and the Netherlands, fishing for anything with teeth. He now dedicates a large part of his fishing time to big zander and perch in particular. But wade fishing for trout, the thrilling hunt for strong sea bass or fishing with small surface lures for chub and asp also make up part of his fishing and are the salt in the soup for him. He likes to fish from a boat or kayak and have recently started fishing from the bank again.
Almost 20 years ago, he also started to go on regular fishing trips around the world to discover new fish species, landscapes, and foreign cultures. Fishing has taken him to countries such as Mongolia, Sudan, Australia, the north of Sweden, the coast of central Norway, Spain, Italy and most recently to the jungles of Colombia. These trips enrich his fishing enormously and he has known for years that he can rely on Westin tackle even under the toughest conditions. For this reason, he is proud to be part of the team and wants to help taking the Westin brand forward.

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