Hippolyte Chauvé
Hippolyte Chauvé

Hippolyte Chauvé lives in Maine and Loire. He started fishing in a very young age. His passion for fishing was transmitted to him by his father. He is fishing mainly fishing for freshwater species from the shore, belly boat and in boat. He spends most of his time on fishing in rivers and lakes where he targets pike, perch, zander and catfish. From time to time, he fishes for seabass and pollack in the saltwater. 

He likes fishing competitions and to participate in those. This allows him to discover, exchange, learn and seek the right strategy.
''Predator fishing intrigues me and forces me to think constantly, something I appreciate very much. I've been using Westin products for which I have full confidence, whether it is lures, rods or bags. I've had the honor of joining the Westin Pro Team for 2020 which I see as the beginning of a great adventure. See you on the water!''

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