D'jo - Muller Johan
D'jo - Muller Johan

Dj'jo has been fishing for the last twenty years, as he started fishing with his father with just a spoon and a dead-minnow rig. He is the type always looking for new sensations, and new fishing spots. He likes to discover new lakes, rivers or other fishing spots.

Nowadays, and for several years, he has been targeting predators with lures, from shore or from a boat on the big French lakes. There is nothing better than a strike from a pike while steady retrieving, or a strike from a zander in vertical fishing.
To know how to read and discover the bathymetry of our rivers, to find the position of the fish in relation to the weather of the moment, and the lure that will trigger the bite, are things that make our passion very rewarding!

“Fishing is a recreational sport, which is practiced in the respect of nature and fish, with a lot of fun. Let's stay humble and share our common passion.”

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