Nicklas Engelbrecht Sørensen
Nicklas Engelbrecht Sørensen

Nicklas Engelbrecht Sørensen grew up near the local swamp. As firsthand it seemed fairly scary, with a thick fog and unfamiliar noises. Although with time he discovered its beauties. With an almost mythical attraction, he got pulled to the core of the swamp. A mirror shaped lake. The desire to discover what was to find below the surface of this special lake, grew day after day. Eventually, he fell in love with all parts of Angling – From float fishing silvery roach to battling the powerful mirror carps. But every now and then he always returned to his true desire, the predatory game. Whether it was tricking the elusive perch with the finest twitching baits or an endless ripping of the brutal spinner bait, through lily pads, just to get that one vicious blow up, from the mighty pike – It was always all about that! Today he is still hunting every fin that swims. He likes adventures and seeks new terrain and methods as often as possible. Though he has major experience in the coastal sea run brown trout fishing of Scandinavia, he has his heart set for perch likes – The striped football of the European freshwaters, as well as the silvery sea bass of the Nordic Seas. “In a world of endless possibilities, there will always be a choice that will trick the fish. At least, that is what we must keep telling ourselves. Keep dreaming!”

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