Getaway Sea Angling
Getaway Sea Angling

During the many years of seeking out the most interesting destinations all over the globe, Getaway Sea Angling have been instrumental in introducing their guests to Nile perch fishing on Lake Nasser (today, sadly a thing of the past), sturgeon fishing on Canada’s Fraser River (fortunately, still as good as ever) and in more recent years making popping and jigging popular in Northern Europe.
They have no intention of representing each and every fishing camp or operator. Instead, they focus on relatively few and handpicked destinations that stand out from the rest, and with whom they over time have developed a strong bond and a deep understanding of their fishery.

They are dedicated anglers themselves and take pride in offering personal service and detailed advice. They want you to choose the trip that is best for you, and they want you to arrive well prepared and with realistic expectations. So far, that’s been a formula that has stood them well for close to twenty years.
All Getaway Sea Angling clients are covered by our membership (member no. 2899) of The Danish Travel Guarantee Fund.

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