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This section is dedicated for content made specifically for you, serving one goal – to take your fishing to the next level and inspire you to get out on the water to try new techniques and methods.
The articles are made by our passionate Pro Team members - guys who spends thousands of hours on the water testing out gear and techniques, helping you make the constant tiny improvements that helps you catch more and bigger fish.


Join some of Europe's most experienced predator anglers in these video sessions, where they show their big knowledge and gives some essential tips and tricks on how to optimize your fishing for pike, perch and zander!

Casting for Halibut – A Norwegian Adventure

Daniel Nilsson set himself a challenge to catch a big halibut using pike gear - will he succeed? Watch 'Beyond Pike - A Halibut Odyssey / Chapter 1' and join Daniel along with Westin cameraman Eric on a thrilling adventure, travelling to Sørøya/Norway where they met up with Camp Halibut expert Alexander Strid to hunt the elusive saltwater creatures. Using (stepped up) pike gear and lures, Daniel keeps on casting, getting one step closer to his dream with every cast. Conditions can be tough up north, so being prepared both mentally and tackle-wise is crucial at all times. Tune in to the ambitious adventure and see all the ups and downs along the way!

Perch Fishing in The Archipelago

Come along in today's episode, and watch Jörgen Larsson and Thom Hunt when they're targeting big archipelago perch in the wintertime! They share their best tips & trix when fishing for perch in cold conditions, and how you succeed with your fishing!

Spin Fishing for Pike

Tag along with Daniel Nilsson & Henrik Olsson on a spin fishing for spring pike session! How many big pikes can they catch?


In these "How To" series we focus on different techniques, fishing tips and tricks.

How to: Fish The Shadteez Hollow

In this "How To" video Daniel Nilsson shows you how to fish with ShadTeez Hollow.

10 Tips For Zander Jigging

Jörgen Larsson's Top 10 Tips for Zander Jigging - learn how approach a day of jigging for zander with softlures in a big lake.

How to: Locate Reservoir Perch

In this video Thom Hunt looks at the key signs, both above and below the surface, that he uses to find perch on large reservoirs when boat fishing. Thom also looks at how to interpret the images on your echosounder to find characteristic perch shoals.