Add-It Spinnerbait Colorado
Item number: T35
USD 8.99
USD 7.19 ex. VAT
  • Add-It Spinnerbaits come in several sizes and colors. With a quick twist add your favorite soft or hard lure and turn any bait into a spinnerbait! Thanks to our corkscrew system fast and securely attach any lure with ease. High quality components, such as our custom-made Westin blades, ball bearing swivels, and stainless steel wire make this one tough cookie. The weedless design of the Add-It Spinnerbait will bring a new dimension to any lure. Fish it slow in cold water, or fast over weed beds in the warmer months. The wide eyelet and precision-made construction ensure that your lure will swim freely at any speed.

    • Heavy Duty Stainless steel wire
    • Fast and secure corkscrew attachment system
    • Welded eye for weedless running
    • Custom-made Westin blade
    • Ball Bearing swivel for optimized rotation

    Small - 2 pcs. | Large - 2 pcs.