W10 Rod Series - 10 years extended blank warranty

The W10 Rod series is made without any compromises, simply to provide the best of the best!
No compromises also means, that this rod is covered by an extended 10-year blank warranty against non-conformities in workmanship and materials.
The new Westin W10 rod blanks are covered by an Extended Warranty against non-conformities in workmanship and materials, for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase for the original owner.
The rod owner must register the rod within 45 days of purchase. This can only be done online at https://www.westin-fishing.com/en/this-is-westin/w10-rod-registration/
In case of broken rods, Westin will inspect the rod blank to determine if the breakage was due to workmanship or material defects.
If Breakage is determined to have occurred due to non-conformance, Westin will either repair or replace the product at no charge.
Breakage deemed to be the result of normal wear and tear, accident or neglect isn’t covered by the extended warranty. We suggest you make use of our “Rod Piece Replacement” – Read more below.
The extended warranty only applies to the Westin W10 rod blank. Components, such as guides, reel seat, windings, varnish, hook keepers, and handles are subject to the 2-year warranty. Any repairs, modifications and extensions carried out by an independent or unauthorized party result in void warranty.

How to make a claim
In the event of a claim, the entire rod, or remaining pieces, should be taken to the tackle dealer where you purchased the rod. Hereafter the shop will handle it and send it to the Westin Customer Service Department for assessment. If you are making a claim under normal Legal warranty a valid proof of purchase must be presented. A claim under the Extended warranty must be followed by a reference to your registration together with proof of purchase.
The manufacturer holds the right to replace outdated products and parts with the closest available which can be different in material, Color, features and components.
The sender bears all the costs incurred in connection with sending the product to Westin and is liable, until delivery of the goods at our premises, for any damage caused in transit.
In the event that you have a valid claim under this service we will repair or replace the rod in accordance with these terms, but we will not be liable to you for any other loss.

W10 Rod Series - claims that are not covered by our warranty
We have all tried it before - disaster strikes and you break your rod by accident. It might be a car door or a short inattentive moment. If disaster strikes and your W10 rod breaks or you damage it due to misuse or accidents, we still have you covered.
Our ''Rod Replacement Program'' gives you the opportunity to buy a new rod section. Simply bring your valid proof of purchase along with the broken rod to the store where you originally purchased your rod. 

W10 Rod Registration
Please click here to go to rod registration