W6 Vertical Jigging

Based on our famous and popular 3776 design this incredible rod lets you feel the gentlest takes deep below the boat, and then gives you all the power you need to set the hooks in the rock hard jaws of an angry zander! Now available in an easily-transported 2-section format, the ingenious design puts the joint just in front of the handle, so that you get all the unadulterated power of the blank with the fold-down convenience of a 2-piece rod.

  • Handle: Super grade cork handle with EVA butt
  • Reel Seat: Fuji® SKTS
  • Guides: Fuji® SiC KW-Frame
  • Blank: High Performance Carbon for superior action
  • Quattro cross carbon reinforcement in handle section
  • Unique serial number on all rods
  • KIGAN® hook keeper
  • Delivered in W6 Polygon Tube