D360° PT
Item number: M086
  • This inline lure is designed to catch more fish - and loose less! It will cast far and has a great irregular action that will attract fish from far away. Occasional spin stops will make it spin and rotate to attract even more trout. The D360 P&T is designed for put & take fishing as well as other types of trout lakes where the fish sometimes tend to be very shy. If necessary, D360° P&T can be fished at an extremely slow pace and still keep its vivid action. This will make a huge difference in catch rate on high pressure waters. The several front/back contrast colors are another feature that will make a great difference. When fishing for wild trout in alpine lakes this small D360° is worth a try. It will catch both numerous and huge trout.

    Rigging tip: Run your line through the lure and use a small round or oval bead to protect the knot before tying the line to a single or treble hook of your choice. If you prefer a free swinging hook we recommend mounting the hook on an oval split ring and tying the knot to the double-stranded part of the ring.

    • Teflon tube inside
    • Lead free construction
    • Material: Zinc
    • Several UV, FluoMax and Glow colors
    • Several front/back contrast colors
    • Inline concept - lose less fish!
    • Designed and developed in Scandinavia
  • Weight 0.00
    Length 5cm, 5,5cm, 3,5cm, 4,5cm
    Colour Pika, Lime Burst, Juicy Burst, Summer Burst, Opal Burst, Snowflake, Pink Snowflake, Miami , Miami Pink, Yellow Albino, Orange Albino, Glow Moonshine, Glow Moon, Tropical