Joshua Dehay
Joshua Dehay

Joshua Dehay was born in 2000 and his first fishing adventure began at the age of 6 with a modest fishing rod that he bought at a flea market for 5 euros. Back then, he used to fish for goldfish in his pond. When he was 8 years old, he moved to Switzerland and was given the opportunity to get his fishing license earlier than in Germany. He then met Janic when he was 9 and since then they have spent every spare minute together on or near the water. What started as a simple fishing friendship developed into an unbeatable fishing team that specializes in catching big pike. This led to the creation of their Instagram name "Pikefever".
Today, he fishes for all freshwater predators, with pike, zander and perch being his favorites. His home water is the Untersee (part of Lake Constance), an extremely clear and deep lake. He absolute favorite bait in this lake is the Bullteez in the color "Headlight" and "Headlight Herring". He favorite rods are the W4 Finesse T&C 2nd, W6 PowerTeez and W4 PowerShad 2nd.

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