Michael Bierbaumer

Michael Bierbaumer


Michael Bierbaumer was born in 1991 and comes from Upper Austia near the Attersee. He is working as a fishing guide, fly tying and tying instructor. Originally he is educated in economics, but after his studies, he decided to turn his hobby into a profession. My main waters are the Stausee Klaus and the Attersee where I have mainly specialized on pikes, trouts, grayling and whitefish.


During a guiding tour with Michael Bierbaumer, he will show you “where”, “when” and “how” you have the best chance of catching your targeted fish. As a result, a large part of the knowledge you collect on this day can also be successfully implemented in other waters.  

• Choosing the right boat equipment
• Choosing the right fishing tackle
• Choice of the optimal bait
• Choosing the appropriate fishing method (casting, trolling, finesse, vertical ...)
• Correct execution of the technic
• Correct behavior in the drill/correct landing
• General information on pike, rake and trout
•Best time of day, catchy phases of the moon, air pressure, fishing spots etc


Michael Bierbaumer has been a part of the Austrian Westin Team since 2019, and is very proud to be so.

''The high quality of the Westin products has made a significant contribution to taking my fishing to a new level''.

 „I am a real fisherman who guides real fishermen“

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