Spin Rods

The range of spin fishing rods offer anything from shorter and lighter rods to long, medium action rods for long distance casting. Covering all from small spoons, spinner and wobblers for trout and salmon. We don’t mess about here at Westin. We simply make spinning rods for anglers who want the very best available. That way, everyone knows where they are. So armed with our deep knowledge of carbon and resin behavior we set high standards for carbon fibers and one of the few that met the demands of our rod engineers, we selected Torayca® - which passed every single test we set it. We combed the earth for the very finest fittings and settled on Fuji rings and reel seats from Japan – one of the most demanding markets in the world. Which means, when you buy a Westin rod, you can be assured you’re getting the very latest technologies, materials and fittings available. It may be a luxury, and a beautiful thing to possess. But it’s also built to last and perform. So no matter how long you’ve been fishing, this is one thing that can put a fresh smile on your face.