Spin Lures

Famous all over Scandinavia for being among the most seductive, tantalising fish catchers that ever swam, Westin lures are also unparalleled in quality. Our design and development department hate the thought of spooking or losing any big fish due to cracking paint, poor hooks or corroded split rings. So they make sure every single Westin lures gets the toughest varnish, the most durable UV-coating and the very finest quality hooks and stainless steel split rings. What’s more, we work closely with some of the most skilled lure designers around. Guys who’ve spent thousands of hours by the water trying to perfect a tool to achieve the one thing that makes them happy – catching humungous-sized fish. Now all the knowledge they’ve accumulated is available to you. You can take all those hours, days and years of testing, failing and finally succeeding – trying to find the perfect, irresistible deception for trout, char, salmon and Seabass - and simply tie them on the end of your line! Just choose a lure to match the conditions from our range of great models and colours and off you go!