W4 Kayak 2nd

The W4 Kayak 2nd Generation is designed to provide kayak, belly boat and small boat enthusiasts with a rod durable enough to perform in these demanding, close-quarter angling environments. The rod comes with a detachable handle, which has enabled us to make a blank comparable to one-piece rods, but which is easier to transport. This means the blank is packed with power, but with low weight and an extremely sensitivity tip – this rod will transmit even the gentlest takes to your fingers. The stiff butt and concentrated power in the mid-section are designed specifically for fighting powerful fish whist seated. W4 Kayak 2nd Generation is the perfect tool for the passionate small-boat angler!

  • Reel Seat: Fuji® SKS
  • Guides: SeaGuide® LS Ring Guides
  • Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon
  • Handle: UltraGrip – High Quality EVA.
  • Custom made rubber bottom cap – Non-slip
  • Reinforced with 1k woven carbon
  • D-Ring Hook Keeper