BullTeez Curltail Box
Item number: P081
  • The Bullteez Curltail, the name says it all. A combination of the Bullteez and a curltail. This lure is the perfect complement to the well-known big fish magnet the Bullteez Shadtail. With its rolling action and fluttering curltail, this lure seduces even the trickiest fish to attack. Retrieve your Bullteez Curltail super-slow in deep water, or speed it up and fish it fast over shallow weeds. This is the perfect choice for predators such as pike, perch, and zander. The Bullteez Curltail can easily be fished with shallow rigs, or right down in the depths with a regular jig head. For a weedless presentation with an offset hook we have equipped the Bullteez Curltail with slots in belly and back. Perfect for fishing round structure and through weeds!

    • Free from toxic phthalates
    • Realistic eyes
    • Curltail moves at super-slow speed
    • Rolling belly action
    • Slots in back and belly for offset rigging
  • Product BullTeez Curltail
    Length 10 cm, 14 cm, 8 cm
    Weight 6 g, 15 g, 3 g
    Colour Black/Chartreuse, Fireflash, Motoroil Pepper, Pearl Sand, Sparkling Blue, Sparkling Chartreuse, UV Craw, Bass Orange, Bling Perch, Official Roach, Dirty Harbor, Green Tomato, Gold Rush
    Inches 4", 3 1/8"
    Ounces 3/16 oz, 1/2 oz, 7/64 oz
    Pcs. Box w. 60 pcs., Box w. 35 pcs.