Nordic Sea Angling
Nordic Sea Angling

Nordic Sea Angling was started in 2004 on a small scale, but over the years the company has grown and is now Scandinavia's largest organizer of sport fishing trips. Ever since the start, the focus has been on high quality boats, equipment and accommodation as well as a high level of service. Many of their guests are returning guests, which they see as a good rating for their business!

Today they work with 5 different destinations from Lofoten up to the area around the North Cape in northern Norway. The various destinations are somewhat different from each other, and they have something that suits everyone! They are also pleased to see an increase in female participants and children who have now also opened their eyes to sport fishing, the fantastic animal life and the wonderful nature that can be found in Norway. Even the so-called "hardcore fishermen" find their satisfaction with us, perhaps by prying large cod on a conveyor belt in a snowstorm during the month of March or putting drift after drift in search of the really big halibut.

It is an incredible privilege for the people in the office and their guides in Norway to share the joy with their guests and take part in their fishing experiences. Everyone has different goals with their trip to Norway. Some guests only chase the "record fish", while others may focus their fishing on catching as many different species as possible. No matter what your goals are, at Nordic Sea Angling will do everything to meet your wishes.

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