Jonne Nylund
Jonne Nylund

Jonne Nylund is a predator fisherman from the Aland Islands. Growing up with fishing in the archipelago that has for him been seen from the start as a legacy. Since a young age, he has been fishing for predators in the unique archipelago with the goal of finding the big ones. It’s not necessarily a must to always find the biggest fish, but if you set high goals and requirements then it will be a good result and that is how he learns the needy knowledge of the waters.

The majority of fishing takes place from a floattube/ Bellyboat or smaller boats cause fishing in the archipelago often takes place in shallow water. Being able to move forge without disturbing the fish has for him been the best method in the waters he fishes in.

In recent years, there has also been more and more competition fishing to get proof of the knowledge and terories he has accumulated in over the years. If you ask him about what he prefers to fish the answer will be perch fishing. In fact, the perch is not allways easy to read but it also gives him the challenge that he likes. But he also fishes other species when it is time and gives everything an honest chance.

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