Richard Archer
Richard Archer

Richard Archer has had a passion for fishing since he was a boy and started off like many anglers coarse fishing for anything he could catch on small streams and rivers. This soon developed into fly fishing for trout and then competing in trout fishing competitions with several wins. Then he progressed to lure fishing and never looked back! His focus now is competition kayak fishing, in which he has multiple podiums and wins. His favorite predator to target has to be Zander, because they can be so different from one day to the next, sometimes it’s the most delicate of ticks on the line, others days a huge rod wrenching bite!
His proudest achievements so far are:
1 - Winning UK Kayak Angler of the year series 2023.
2 - Getting selected to compete in the English national kayak team at the world championships in Italy 2024.
3 – The consistency of 6 Podium places in 2023

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