Gregor Rojko
Gregor Rojko

Gregor Rojko fell in love with fishing at a very young age - probably inherited this gift from his father. He never had the chance to spend time on the bank with him, but he can thank his grandfather for his first attempts at fishing. Although his grandfather was never a passionate fisherman, he always took time for him, showed him various fishing techniques and taught him how to respect nature and living creatures.
He spent the first years of his fishing career fishing for carp on a float. But he wanted something more, so he devoted himself only to carp hunting, in which he persisted for 15 years. In 2017, on the recommendation of a friend, he also became interested in screwdriving. His passion for carp fishing disappeared when he went to his home river for the first time and immediately caught his first pike in the size of 85 cm. From that moment, a new passion was born - a love for angling predators.

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