Kevin Hoppenbrouwers
Kevin Hoppenbrouwers

Kevin Hoppenbrouwers started fishing when he was 5 years old. He went sea fishing with his father and brothers or on his own for whitefish and carp in waters close to his home. At the age of 12 he felt under the spell of lure fishing, and this has never left him. For about 15 years he has mainly fished from the shore, especially for pike and zander. When he was 30 years old, he bought a boat. You can find him especially on the light flowing rivers where he mainly goes after perch, zander and pike. Casting with lures is his favourite way of fishing. He loves to fish specifically for big perch with all kinds of techniques. „Big perch is a very curious fish, sometimes you find them, and you know that they are there on the spot, but they do not react. Cracking the code and then catch them is something that gives a fisherman a great feeling.“ Mastering the different techniques is something he finds very important as a fisherman. He is constantly trying to learn and experiment with different styles and techniques. When that hard strike on a newly found spot suddenly comes through, the adrenaline flies through his veins and that gives a wonderful feeling. On a fishing day, the total experience is also very important, he enjoys the peace and silence. He also has an eye for all the beautiful things around him. That completes his fishing day.
His personal best: Perch: 52,5cm - Zander: 102cm - Pike: 122cm

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