Kenny Cronhamn
Kenny Cronhamn

Kenny Cronhamn is a crazy fanatic angler resident on one of Sweden’s most beautiful islands, Gotland, with its beautiful landscapes and amazingly good-looking coastlines! Here you can find silver treasures that make your heart pulse at a pace you can barely handle. We’re talking about the silvery treasure - sea trout!

As a 15 year old boy he started to get really interested in sea trout fishing and as he describes it “the hunt and the search for the real experience is why he fish for sea trout, you can go for hours and sometimes days without any decent fish, but suddenly out of nowhere you get a violent, rock hard strike and the line is stretched in highest speed, a joy of life he can’t be without”!

Today he’s just doing anything to get as much fishing experiences as possible and you’ll always see him with a cup of hot coffee and a sandwich in his hand. Millions of tons of rock and water has passed under his feet and fishing is truly his life, we are proud to have this guy aboard!

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