Martin Kreuzer
Martin Kreuzer

Martin Kreuzer is from the beautiful Salzkammergut. This landscape is captivated by the numerous pre-alpine lakes nestled in the middle of the mountains, providing the perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing fishing day, whether from the boat or the shore. Since his childhood, he was already infected with the Angel Virus and this will not let him go until today. Back then, under the experienced wing of his father, he had been traveling in the local brooks, so shortly afterwards, in his youth, he was drawn to the great prealpine lakes and immediately began to gain experience there. Meanwhile, he can look back on over 15 years of experience in the most diverse waters where he has acquired in many areas the best working ways to outwit the predators among the fish and the general fishing. He is happy to bring his different lakes and the most suitable fishing techniques closer. Such as Spinning, Towing, Vertical or Dropshot fishing. What have he has specialized on over the years is Pike, Zander and Perch.

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