CreCraw Creaturebait
Item number: P157
USD 7.99
USD 6.39 ex. VAT
  • A deadly bait for lethargic pike looking for an easy meal, the Westin CreCraw is part crawfish, part creature bait. Up top, its swimming claws move independently of one another, and start creating action as soon as the bait hits the water. Meanwhile, fluttering tentacles and legs create a lifelike action teasing pike and other predators into a big bite. Its wide profile ensure the CreCraw swims predictably in the water, avoiding unwanted rotation, while hook slots in the back and belly make rigging a breeze. The CreCraw takes American action cues and combines them with Scandinavian lure design in one of Westin’s most detailed soft plastics to date.

    • Free from toxic phthalates
    • Anise scent
    • Weedless design
    • Swimming claws
    • Tentacles and cylinder-shaped legs
    • Hook slots in the back and belly for EWG/worm and offset hooks, T&C rigging and normal jigheads
    • Perfect for jigging, punching, flipping and more
    • Stable action thanks to a wide design and swimming claws