Item number: P203
  • The Westin Termite is a game-changer in the world of finesse fishing. This innovative soft lure takes it inspiration from Nature’s tiniest critters that are the prey of hungry trout and other predators. With its slim profile, subtle vibrations, and realistic leg action the Termite will entice even the most wary fish. The super-soft floating material enables this lure to be fished in a wide range of ways. Twitch it, fish it on a steady retrieve, or fish it passively on the bottom. This versatile lure can be used with tungsten hooks, with a Cheburashka, trout blade, or bombarda float. The rigging options are endless! Infused with either garlic / cheese oil or banana oil, the two best trout attractors of all time, and available in six highly effective colours.

    • Strong UV colours
    • Ideal for Put & take trout pools
    • Super-soft material
    • Infused with Garlic / Cheese or Banana scented oil
    • Choose from multiple rigging options, such as tungstens hook, hook with Cheburashka, trout blades or with a bombarda float.
    • Floating material
    • No toxic phthalates
    • Available in six highly effective colours
  • Product TERMITE
    Length 3,2 CM
    Pcs. 10 PCS