Item number: P200
  • The original RingCraw has become a legendary perch fishing lure and this new version is set to follow these footsteps for the modern trout angler. The fantastic action of the Ringcraw creates huge amounts of water displacement, ringing the dinner bell to any lurking trout. Jig it, or rig it, and hold on tight! With a belly loaded with salt that, not only, encourages trout to hold on longer, but also acts as a keel weight balancing the swimming action of the lure, giving a stable swimming action, even at super-slow speeds. The double curl tails terminate in tiny paddle tails that keep the lure working perfectly as it sinks on every pause. Every detail of the RingCraw’s design has been carefully considered to make this lure as versatile as possible. Check out recess in the ribs on the back that allow the hook to be fished weedless, making this lure perfect for searching through heavy cover. No trout is safe from the legendary RingCraw!

    • Free from toxic phthalates
    • Garlic/cheese or Banana scented
    • Double curltails with paddle tips, perfect action at all speeds
    • Hook slot in the back
  • Product RINGCRAW
    Length 6 CM
    Pcs. 10 PCS