W8 Rods

These rods feature the very best in fittings, actions and blank technology. The high performance carbon has been utilized to create rods that are stronger, more sensitive and lighter than ever before.


W6 Rods

The W6 rod range is made for the kind of anglers who want the finest quality available. Like the Fuji® guides and reel seats that no W6 rod is without. Blanks made from ´TORAY´ carbon fibers - among the very few that met the rigorous demands of our rod engineers.


W4 Rods

The amazing W4 range of rods is based on our much-loved Dynamic Series – but even better! Loads of low-down grunt for casting or fighting fish, and yet as delicate as a hummingbird when you need to feel a little finesse between your fingers.


W3 Rods

Specialized rods for specialized fishing. This is what the Westin W3 Rods are all about. The rod range features high quality carbon blanks, exct fittings and a superior design.


Toray - the very best carbon manifacturer!

On our Westin rods and a lot of the other rods found in our large range of products we are using ´TORAY´ carbon. Toray is the leading Japanese manufacturer of high performance carbon. We have been using ´TORAY´ carbon for many years in several of our rods, but as ´TORAY´ continues being a benchmark of the industry and an even stronger brand to the consumers, we will start branding the fact that many of our rods are made with carbon from the very best manufacturer!

´TORAY´ facts:

    • Japanese based global manufacturer
    • Manufactures fibers, textiles, plastics and chemicals
    • Globally recognized for outstanding performance, quality and processing consistency




Fuji – lighter and stronger

Over 40 years ago Fuji introduced the first ceramic rod guides. Since then they have always been one step ahead of their competitors in both design and quality of rod components like guides and reel seats. To enhance rod performance with modern braided lines Fuji’s latest development in guides will prevent tangles as they form and offer less friction. The Fuji reel seats are a benchmark of the industry offering comfort, superior strength, corrosion resistance and great design. This is why Westin rods features Fuji components.