Mike the Pike Hybrid

Besides being a natural born killer, a pike is the ultimate cannibal. A pike simply loves its brothers and sisters - as long as they can be swallowed without suffocating! Mike the Pike is designed to be the ultimate prey for those big fish trying to eliminate competition by simply eating it.

This Westin Life-Like-Lure is an amazing down to the smallest detail imitation of real prey. The biggest size comes with two optional eyelets. Use the front eyelet to achieve a shallower running depth or the top eyelet for adeeper and more aggressive swimming action. The detailed pectoral and pelvicfins has a flapping action in the water and will trigger more bites. Finally the low buoyancy will make the lure stay right in the strike zone in the pause. This natural looking, giving-up-all-hope action will help you catch more fish.

  • Lead free
  • Hook size: # 2 / #1 / # 3/0
  • Japanese stylecarbon steel hooks
  • Running depth: 3-10ft, 3-10ft, 6-13ft / 1-3m, 1-3m, 2-4m
  • Slide Lock easy tochange connection
  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Optional eyeletsfor shallow or deep water use (only on the biggest size)
  • Full eyelet-to-hook wire construction

Weight: 17 cm 42g | 20 cm 70g | 28 cm 185g