Barry the Bass Hybrid

Predator fishing really shouldn't be this easy! Tie this little beauty on your line and watch the water explode! Big Bass, Pike and Muskie just lose control when Barry struts his stuff past the reed beds, rattling his head and jiggling his back end like the most terrified of baby bass. The hybrid between a hard head and soft, durable body allows you to change tail-pieces to prolong his life, while the ultrasonic rattle balls concealed in the head attract the big boys from afar. The slim profile and deep-jointed body gives it a sexy-ass wiggle and powerful swimming action that makes it impossible to resist.

  • Lead free
  • Japanese-Style #1 carbon steel hook
  • Running depth: 3-10ft / 1-3m
  • Slide Lock easy to change connection
  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Ultra Sonic rattle balls inside head
  • Full eyelet-to-hook wire connection
  • Hand painted detailed colors