Robert-Paul Wolters
Robert-Paul Wolters

Robert-Paul Wolters “Ropa” is a true passionate predator angler and has been an active member in the Dutch predator-scene for many years. Although he is known as a true pike-addict, his skillset includes a wide range of lure fishing tactics for many predator species, including zander, perch, asp and even trout.

Creativity is very important in his fishing, searching for new lures, tactics or techniques, mainly to learn new things and to become a better fisherman. Every time he masters a new tactic, he flips around to search for something new, expanding his skillset all the time. Finding a productive pattern on large, difficult lakes and rivers is one of the greatest challenges in his fishing, and to catch a big fish on new water really gives him a thrill!

He has been proud member of Team Westin for many years: “Since I am always searching for new lure fishing tactics, Westin is the perfect brand for me. They do not only produce a wide range of artificial lures and predator rods, Westin also brings new meaning to the word ‘quality’. It is the best example of a brand who produces fishing gear for fishermen, from fishermen. And while fishing, you will feel the difference!”. We are happy to have this creative pro-angler in Team Westin!

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