Ricky the Roach Swimbait w. Lip
Item number: P032
USD 11.99
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  • This little hard nut takes on the toughest predators and wins every time. Small, but perfectly proportioned, and so realistic even a mother roach could love it. Little Ricky differs from his bigger, hybrid brother in that it's hard through-and-through, with four reticulated joints to get him swimming in that tantalising Westin S-shape. It's stunning when spin fishing - just twitch it with regular stops to create an irregular action, get those joints clacking and bring in those hungry predators. Comes in several irresistible colours, from realistic to the sharper, brighter trigger colors, all hand painted down to the smallest detail.

    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Lead free construction
    • Japanese style carbon steel hooks * Hook size: #10
    • Running depth: 0-1m
    • Multi-jointed
    • Hand painted detailed colors

    Weight: 8 cm 7g