Platypus Crankbait
Item number: P051
  • After 32 different prototypes and countless hours of testing and adjusting lure designer Allan Christensen created the first original Platypus lures in 160 and 190mm. These versions are the smaller lures in the Platypus family. As the larger family members this lure features one of the best rolling and belly-flashing swimming actions ever seen on a lure. Another great feature is the Westin Optic Eyes made from colored optical fiber to create a unique - almost illuminating - light reflecting effect.

    • Material: ABS plastic
    • Lead free construction
    • Japanese style carbon steel hooks
    • Hook size: # 6 / # 4
    • Suspending - running depth: 0.5-2 m * Ultra Sonic rattle ball
    • Optic Eyes
    • Full wire-through-body construction

    Weight: 9 cm 10g | 12 cm 24g

  • Product Platypus Crankbait
    Length 12 cm, 9 cm
    Weight 24 g, 10 g
    Color Bling Perch, Firetiger, Headlight, Official Roach, Steel Sardine, Fire Perch
    Density Suspending
    Inches 4 3/4", 3 1/2"
    Ounces 7/8 oz, 3/8 oz