Platypus SW Hardlure
Itemnumber: S072
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  • After 32 prototypes and countless hours of testing and adjusting lure de- signer Allan Christensen created the first original Platypus which became Scandinavias leading big pike lure in no time. This new Platypus SW (saltwater) version for warmer destinations is a tougher, harder and faster member of the Platypus family. Specially design for high-speed saltwater trolling. It?s a high floating lure with a deep diving lip meaning it still shakes it at speeds up to 13 knots! Made of super strong Polycarbonate (also used for safety googles, cockpit canoples etc.) Toss this tough guy overboard and let it do its thing!

    • Material: Super strong Polycarbonate (PC material)
    • Lead free construction
    • 3X ultra sharp saltwater hooks
    • 3X Full wire-through body construction
    • 3X Stainless steel splitrings
    • 3X Welded nose-ring
    • Ultra Deep-Diving Lip
    • Running Depth: 5 - 12 m
    • High speed profile for speeds up to 13 knots
    • Hand painted detailed colors

    Weight: 16 cm 59g