Tim Maslen

Tim Maslen


Tim has many years of angling experience on rivers around the UK, particularly the River Severn, where he operates a guided fishing and day boat hire service, Severn Expeditions. He has been a keen angler since he was a young lad and has built up an excellent knowledge base of the River Severn and its features over the past 22 years.

A majority of that time has been spent solely lure fishing for one of Tims favourite species Zander. "I am really intrigued by Zander. I love their characteristics and attitude! Trying to find their locations is half of the buzz for me. I enjoy the challenge and the different techniques I have to implement trying to catch them". Tim uses a range of methods with his favourites being casting and vertical fishing.

He also spends a good deal of time after Pike and Perch. As soon as the river fishing season is closed he heads straight to the saltwater to chase one of the UK's most epic species, the Ballan Wrasse.

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