Jimmy Andersson

Jimmy Andersson


For sea anglers in Scandinavia, Jimmy needs no introduction… But here’s one just for the good cause. He’s an owner of a successful sea fishing travel company - Nordic Sea Angling and has been working closely with us for many years.

Jimmy has been fishing since childhood and tried out the most. When he was in his twenties, sea fishing completely took over his life, so he began to fish in Norway fairly early on. He was immediately captivated by fishing and the incredible nature. He loves to search for and test new fishing locations, big waves, ice-cold waters and insanely big fish is a piece of cake and just a regular day for Jimmy.

In 2004 he started his travel company Nordic Sea Angling with great success, (which today has four destinations and 34 boats located around the North part of Norway). He has a long list of merits with insanely big “back-killing” fish. A cod of a staggering 33,65 kilos, and a couple of halibuts of over 50 kilos – just to mention a few. Last years, he got more and more hooked on the popper- and speedjigging fishing, and he has recently started up a new destination in Panama.

As you can see, it’s all about sea-fishing, and we are proud and happy to have Jimmy in the team. We can also reveal that Jimmy is the inspiration behind the name of our successful seajig – “Slim Jim”. The full story, we’ll keep for ourselves…

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