W8 UltraStick
Itemnumber: W811
  • The Ultrastick rod has been painstakingly engineered to be an accurate caster, strong fighter and incredibly lightweight - it allows you to float like a feather and sting like a bee. You'll find yourself questioning the very laws of physics when this super lightweight blank sets hooks with the best of them and offers firm fighting power, great sensitivity and a fast action. Using smaller soft lures and medium-sized crankbaits, you can target smaller predators like perch or trout but still enjoy a fight that gets the heart pumping. The science behind how this rod can offer so much is down to a blank innovation that uses three different degrees of carbon prepreg, within the layers of this lies a patented Nano technology at the core. But the best way to appreciate it, is to take some predators for a dance with it yourself.

    • Handle: Super grade EVA - compact and non-slippery
    • Reel Seat: Fuji® SKSS, hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color
    • Guides: Fuji® SiC
    • Blank: High Performance Carbon for superior action, ultimate sensitivity, light-weight and maximum strength
    • Blank color: Hand painted in Fe2O3 Iron Oxide color (each rod is unique in color pattern)
    • Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slippery
    • Quattro cross carbon reinforcement in handle section
    • Low-profile guide wrappings
    • PacBay® hook keeper
    • Delivered in Octagon tube