Westin Rod Piece Replacement


Westin Rod Piece Replacement 

You have probably tryed something similar before - you come back to your car after a long though day on the water.. You open the doors or the trunk, and put your rod up against the car and start to take off all your gear. A short moment after, you unintentionally slam the car door forgetting your rod was still in the way..

At Westin, we know just how that feels // and that's why we have decided to come up with our Rod Piece Replacement Service // and that's why we are proud to offer you our new Rod Piece Replacement Service // which gives you the opportunity to get your broken rod piece replaced at a favourable price.


The service keeps you covered wether you break your rod in a car door, you step on it, or something else - no matter what happens to it, you are able to hand in your broken rod piece, and get it replaced**.

All you have to do is to take your broken rod and your proof of purchase to your local dealer. From here they will handle the rest.

If the dealer have the rod piece in stock, you simply pay the cost for the specific rod section, and get it replaced instantly.


If the rod piece is not in stock, the dealer will order it through our warehouse located in Denmark. Once the rodpiece is ordered, it will be processed and shipped out as fast as possible - the shop will usually recieve the replacement rod within 4-7 business days*. 

In some occasions, the specific rod piece may not be in stock at our warehouse facility, which then will result in longer delivery time. 



* Bottom rod-parts will be sold at a differnet price.

** Any Cost/prices may be adjusted without prior notice.

*** The Westin Rod Piece Replacement Service does not cover theft or any missing rod sections.

**** Westin reserves the rights to replace discontinued models with comparable models.