Join the competition on Instagram to win a lifetime supply of Westin ShadTeez!


The ShadTeez is a favourite amongst predator anglers worldwide and we think it’s about time to celebrate that. To kick off our celebration we have launched our #ShadTeez competition. To enter the competition all you need to do is add the tags #ShadTeez, #Westinfishing and @westinfishing to your photos.


1. Go catch a fish on your ShadTeez, or go find one of your old but gold photo's of a ''ShadTeez caught fish''.

2. Make sure to take a good photo of it.

3. Put it on Instagram using #ShadTeez, #WestinFishing & @Westinfishing

4. Voila - You're now in the competition. 

#ShadTeez #Westinfishing and @Westinfishing on Instagram!